Custom handmade sageo, braided with traditional Japanese techniques.

Made from pure silk, hand dyed, designed to your specifications.

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various styles and textures, all hand made


Kikkō gumi (turtle shell) sageo


custom motifs

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My custom handmade sageo come in a variety of designs. Some are textures from the structure of the braid it self, and some have simple repetitive shapes. The most high-end styles have complex motifs.

They are several traditional Japanese tools for making kumihimo. I use the round stand (marudai) and the tall stand (takadai).

Custom designs, handmade to order

You can choose from solid colors, or staged-dye threads, also known as “danzome silk”. Dansome silk creates a gradient-fade or a pixelated effect in the sageo. I hand-dye pure silk for each sageo and design to your specifications.

If you are not sure on which style that suits you, I will do my best to help you along the way.

Each sageo is one of a kind, because I always bring my personal aesthetic and touch to your order.

A bit about me…

I’m a full-time UI designer living in Stockholm. In 2015 I discovered my passion for making Japanese cords (kumihimo). Combined with my interest in iaido, I started to make sageo, cords used for the Japanese sword. My goal is to make custom handmade sageo. I want to blend traditional Japanese techniques with modern designs. I try to capture the Japanese essence of striving for perfection through repetition.

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