亀甲 [kikkō/turtle shell]


€600 for 242cm

The intricate patterns created by the kikko gumi (turtle shell) braids were believed to have spiritual and cultural significance. The braids were often used to decorate the armor of samurai warriors, and were seen as a way to imbue the armor with the qualities of courage, honor, and strength. Today, the use of kikko gumi in samurai armor is largely symbolic, with the braids serving as a reminder of the traditions and values of the samurai warrior code.

Different styles of kikko braids exist for the marudai and takadai. I mainly focus on the ryomen-kikko where the pattern on both sides of the sageo are identical but inverted.

silk sageo kikko gumi danzome

You can have one in every color!

silk sageo kikko gumi danzome
silk sageo kikko gumi danzome
custom handmade sageo