亀甲 [kikkō/turtle shell]

Starting at 600 EURO for 8 shaku (242 cm)

all sageo are made to order
silk sageo kikko gumi danzome

You can have one in every color!

silk sageo kikko gumi danzome
silk sageo kikko gumi danzome

The Samurai used turtle-shell (kikko) inspired hexagons of metal in their armor, and the kikko-gumi (turtle-shell braid) is an old design commonly found in samurai armor and koshirae. This style of sageo has a thick rectangular cross-section and can also be also quite stiff. The traditional braids were made using finger-loop-manipulation, which later evolved to being made on the takadai (tall stand), and some versions can also be made on the marudai (round stand). I mainly focus on a particular style called ryomen-kikko where the two sides of the sageo are identical but inverted.

custom handmade sageo